Our History

building-outsideThe Frederick Douglass fx pro login Community Association was founded in 1919 when the late Albertus Brown, lawyer and civic leader, was inspired by the dire need for social and recreational opportunities for the African-American metatrader 4 online youth of Toledo. From a small group of 25 enthusiastic and loyal people emerged a movement that raised $1,200 for equipment and operating expenses. The following year, the Toledo War Chest (now United Way of Greater Toledo) allotted $2,400 to support the movement. In 1921, the organization moved to a church at 15 North Eleventh. The name was changed to the Frederick Douglass Community Center and a basketball court and other activities were installed. In 1925, $20,000 was used to purchase a property on the corner of Pinewood and 13th Street. In April, 1926 the name was changed to the Frederick Douglass Community Association (FDCA). The Center had become a way of life in Toledo with the cooperation from both races. In 1979, the FDCA moved to its current fxpro us clients location in the James B. Simmons, Jr. Neighborhood Facilities Building at 1001 Indiana Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43607 where it continued to offer social and recreational activities for the youth of Toledo.

Our Mission

The mission of the Frederick Douglass Community Association is to create an Epicenter of Hope and Empowerment that will strengthen and enrich the lives of individuals and families through education, skill & workforce enhancement, recreation and supportive services.